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Re: CHAT letter names (was: CHAT Etruscana etc)

Date:Tuesday, March 2, 2004, 23:15
Henrik Theiling scripsit:
> Hi! > > John wrote: > > > My mother, who was a native speaker (from the Black Forest, right on > > the Hesse-Thuringia border) born in 1919, certainly pronounced a" > > the same as e except when pronouncing its name. > > And you are sure that that is High German and not dialect?
Definitely. My mother's family rather stuck out in the village because they didn't speak the local dialect, in fact. Her mother was local but bourgeois; her father was an ethnic German who had immigrated from Russia. -- My confusion is rapidly waxing John Cowan For XML Schema's too taxing: I'd use DTDs If they had local trees -- I think I best switch to RELAX NG.