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Mixed person plurals: gender & the (in/ex)clusive distinction; ...

From:Doug Dee <amateurlinguist@...>
Date:Wednesday, August 10, 2005, 22:11
In a message dated 8/9/2005 5:25:42 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
tomhchappell@YAHOO.COM writes:

>The table she gives is (77) on her page 111. >The genders are Feminine (F), Masculine (M), and Common (C). >Common gender is used for groups which contain individuals of more >than one individual gender.
>I am not sure what she, or perhaps it is Guldemann (Guldermann?), >means, by the 3rd person singular common gender; does that mean >neuter? or non-human? or inanimate?
I assume she has the usual meaning in mind: a "common genrder" 3sg would be used when one does not know or does not care to specify whether the person/thing referred to is masculine or feminine (or possibly something else). In English, we have masc, fem & neuter 3sg pronouns. The lack of a common 3sg pronoun leads people to use "they" in the singular, or say "he or she" or write "(s)he" etc. Doug


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