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Hell(en)ish oddities

From:Keith Alasdair Mylchreest <kam@...>
Date:Wednesday, November 22, 2000, 23:38
I think we say Hellenic, but don't the modern Greeks call themselves
"Romans" i.e. the heirs of the eastern empire?

If you can get hold of a copy of either of these books all your prayers
should be answered :-)

Allen W.S., Vox Graeca - a guide to the pronounciation of Classical Greek,
Cambridge Univ. Press 1968 (there are more recent editions)
Highly recommended (also the companion volume on Classical Latin) sadly I
don't have access to a copy any more, just a few notes I took years ago.

Stanford W.B., The Sound of Greek - studies in the Greek theory and
practice of euphony. Univ. of California Press 1967


P.S. Your name looked vaguely familiar, then I realised that I'd once
gone to a school called Guthlaxton (after an old territorial division).
I think the Guthlac in question was an obscure Danish-Saxon saint.