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Montreiano Verbs IV

From:Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...>
Date:Thursday, January 4, 2001, 17:07
This will probably be the final installment of Montreiano verbs. This
message covers the progressive . This will also cover the conjugations of
stal - to be.

The progressive is formed by conjugations of stal (to be) plus a verb in
the present progressive:

I am listening. - Sto oiendo.

Present Indicative

1sg.    sto
2sg.    stas
3sg.    sta
1pl.    stamos
2pl.    stais
3pl.    stan


1sg.    stúue
2sg.    stúuist
3sg.    stúuo
1pl.    stúuimos
2pl.    stúuisteis
3pl.    stúueron


1sg.    starei
2sg.    starás
3sg.    stará
1pl.    staremos
2pl.    staires
3pl.    starán


1sg.    staua
2sg.    stauas
3sg.    staua
1pl.    stauamos
2pl.    staueis
3pl.    stauan

Present subjunctive

1sg.    ste
2sg.    stes
3sg.    ste
1pl.    stemos
2pl.    steis
3pl.    sten

Future Subjunctive

1sg.    sta
2sg.    stars
3sg.    star
1pl.    stáramos
2pl.    stareis
3pl.    staren

Imperfect Subjunctive I

1sg.    stuuera
2sg.    stuueras
3sg.    stuuera
1pl.    stuuéramos
2pl.    stuuéreis
3pl.    stuueran

Imperfect Subjunctive II

1sg.    stara
2sg.    staras
3sg.    stara
1pl.    staramos
2pl.    starais
3pl.    staran


1sg.    staría
2sg.    starías
3sg.    staría
1pl.    staríamos
2pl.    staríais
3pl.    starían


1sg.    -
2sg.    sta!
3sg.    ste!
1pl.    stemos!
2pl.    sta!
3pl.    sten!


1sg.    -
2sg.    No stes!
3sg.    No ste!
1pl.    No stemos!
2pl.    No steis!
3pl.    No sten!

Present Perfect Progressive

This form is created by adding auel  in present perfect indicative, or
present subjunctive form+ stal in past participle + a verb in present
participle form.

É stáo comendo. (indicative)
Io aia stáo comento (subjunctive)

Past Perfect Progressive

These forms use auel in past perfect indicative, and the two forms of the
subjunctive + stal in past participle form + a verb in present participle

Auía stáo comendo. (indicative)
Úuera stáo comendo. (subjunctive
Úuese stáo comendo. (subjunctive)

So, that should be it for verbs.