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SemiOT: Revealing your conlanger status ...

From:Carsten Becker <post@...>
Date:Wednesday, June 16, 2004, 16:13

From: "Trebor Jung" <treborjung@FREE.FR <mailto:treborjung@...>>
Sent: Wednesday, June 16, 2004 3:36 AM
Subject: SemiOT: Revealing your conlanger status, personal experiences
of reactions to conlanging from non-conlangers

 > I like to read through the archives sometimes - I just pick a random
week -
 > and I ended up reading posts from March 2003. In the thread "My
 > is a conlanger!" (my wholehearted - altho extremely belated -
 > congratulations to Daniel!),

Yes, congratulations from me too! Lucky you! (to 1. have a girlfriend
and 2. who conlangs)

 > I'm proud to be a conlanger! :))) What about you guys? Do you hide the
 > that you're a conlanger?

I think I wrote it in the application for my last job experience which
was this spring. After all, I worked one week of two in a publishing
house my mother translates for! Otherwise, I don't tell it everyone. I'm
careful with that. You know, finding languages cool is kind of geeky in
most (if not nearly all) young people's eyes.

 > And another question: What sort of reactions do you get when you
 > people that you're a conlanger?

My family: My father found it extremely odd (especially since I
'penetrated' him with phonologic terms), my mother neither said it is
good, nor that it is bad. When she refers to my conlanging, she says
"Your odd language stuff", though. My little brother (12 y/o) got used
to it, my little sister (10), too.
School: Some people found it cool, to some it was all the same and some
think I'm crazy.

 > "You learn from conlanging - it gives you hands-on experience with

That's true!!!!

-- Carsten


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