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Re: PIE pie piece 8))

From:charles <catty@...>
Date:Thursday, December 3, 1998, 21:19
On Thu, 3 Dec 1998, BP.Jonsson wrote:

> At 19:29 28.11.1998 +0100, lucasso wrote: > >do you know any good webbed resources of PIE, evolution of IE, etc.
> Try to get Beekes ['be:k@s] textbook instead. It was originally written in > Dutch but has been translated into English, and is definitely the best > intro around. Ivanov & Gamkrelidze's monumental Russian work is neither an > intro nor uncontroversial, but at least it's comparatively (no pun > intended!) recent and has been translated intto English (as well as German > IIRC). It may be very fruitful to look at works dealing with the > (pre)history of the subfamilies. Anttila's general intro to historical > linguistics is also very strongly recommendable, no less valuable for its > forays into non-I.E. -- mainly Fenno-Ugric -- material.
It is speculative, but very interesting, to consider the "superfamily" theories of Greenberg and others. Here's a URL that gets into it ... And there was a suggestion by MCV on the Linguist List that Sumerian roots appeared to be suffix-eroded IE. That these theories have even a chance of being true is like icing on the cake. I might as well toss in another current favorite URL dealing with sound symbolism. Apparently even Socrates got into this game ... I'd be interested in any other URLs of this ilk.