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Re: Playing the banjo (Was: Latin help)

From:Herman Miller <hmiller@...>
Date:Friday, September 7, 2007, 2:56
caeruleancentaur wrote:

> Does anyone want to share his or her conlang words for musical > instruments and other musical terms? I'm always looking to enrich > the Senjecan vocabulary. I had a heck of a time coming up with a > word for "music."
See my Zireen Music page for some names of musical instruments, along with MIDI fragments of Zireen music illustrating some of their tuning systems. The romanization on that page is simplified for a non-conlanger audience. Actual Yasaro words: tsúvri [su:_F.z`i] "suri" (hammered dulcimer) kelámra [kE lO~_F.z`a] "kelora" (harp) veilá [] "vila" (reed organ) ketalnáh [] "ketana" (marimba) théira [t_di:_F.z`a] "thira" (flute) raivá [z`] "raiva" (panpipe) jamá [j\] "yama" (mouth organ) vúña [vu_F.Ja] "vunya" (rackett) tamúkal [ta.mu_F.ka:] "tamuka" (drums) Not mentioned on that page is the "pilina", an instrument resembling the steel drum; its name in Yasaro is "piléina" []. But its tuning system "nai pilina" does get a mention. A work in progress featuring the pilina is at this link: Yasaro has an extended vocabulary of note names for different pitches, like the "do re mi" of the diatonic scale but much more elaborate. Each of the many tuning systems has its own set of note names. The tuning system "nai lemba", for instance, has a 10-note scale: pa 1/1 tha 16/15 veñ 8/7 riñ 5/4 ja 21/16 tañ 7/5 mu 25/16 ca 8/5 ju 7/4 leñ 15/8