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Re: A funny linguistic subway experience + some questions about

From:wayne chevrier <wachevrier@...>
Date:Thursday, December 7, 2000, 18:56
This character is already in unicode, it is an archaic form of sampi
John Cowan wrote:
> >Raymond Brown wrote: > > > ___ > > On the other hand, the odd letter | | | used by some of the Asiatic > > | > > Ionians may well have represented some palatal sound similar to [tS]. >And > > who know what zeta variously represented in all the early dialects? > >Interesting! Ought I to propose this letter to the Unicode people for >inclusion? (The process takes real time, so if it makes sense to encode >it, then starting now is reasonable.) > >The basic criterion for including an archaic letter like this is: >do scholars or hobbyists want to include the letter either in their >own documents, or in transcriptions of original documents? IOW, if it is >solely interesting to palaeographers, then it doesn't belong in Unicode. > >The current Unicode Greek letters are: > >1) alpha to omega >2) all vowels with all possible breathings and/or accents and/or dialytika >3) math forms: closed beta, open theta, script kappa, ascending phi, closed >pi, > tailed rho, lunate sigma, upsilon with hook >4) kai symbol >5) archaics: stigma, digamma, koppa, sampi >6) letter yot (looks like Roman "j") >
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