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Latter-(day) Re: Inflecting Jesus Christ

From:Costentin Cornomorus <elemtilas@...>
Date:Saturday, September 6, 2003, 15:36
--- Tristan McLeay <zsau@...> wrote:

> That's certainly how I always interpreted it; > saints always seem to come from a long time in > the past. When was the most recently born > saint born?
St. Padre Pio was born in 1887; Mother Theresa in 1910. As far as latter day is concerned, I interpret that as "recent". Padraic. ===== Samlan, isa-susansilo-war-mercumo crastandus, en! mercumes-don-crâgamando, en! mercumes-dom-resmanstaro haccruçen-fon-Mursilbâm! And now, the corpse lies limp, lo! even the body of strength, lo! even the body of Mursilbâm that slew the monster! [Erronian fragment] -- Come visit The World! -- <> .


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