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Capitalization/uniqueness, plus a translation ex. anyone?

From:Roger Mills <rfmilly@...>
Date:Saturday, March 12, 2005, 19:43
It may be that this "limiting def. art." discussion was also referring to
the Kash art. _e_ which can be used to mark place names/titles--

e kanak 'The Claw' (a peninsula/province);
e karun 'the duke' (i.e. _our_ ruler, or the office) etc.

(in a sense it's referring to unique things)

also abstract concepts, like

e kundri_ "Truth"
e traleleñ "Evil; Unrighteousness"
e rinda "Music" (e rinda ya haniyu e kaçili 'Music is the soul of The People
(i.e. the Kash)')
e parahambesa "The Creator"
Here it is used in a very Kash sentiment, even religious in nature, in
several possible versions:

"Hurt not the Earth, neither the sea, neither the sea nor the trees"
(Rev. 7:3, quite another context)

Probably the most formal:
endo ta harumahan e hindan, tati e roçen, tati e angeç
OPT not 2s-CAUS-harm DEF earth-acc, and-not DEF sea-acc, and-not DEF
[,Endo 'ta xaru'maxan e'xindan 'tatije'roçEn 'tatije(j)'aNgES]
"May you not (~Let it be that you do not) harm ....

A straightforward, everyday imperative:
yanda rumahan .....(same)
do-not  harm
['janda ru'maxan ...]

Not sure this is possible, but I like it (an optative/imperative), also
fairly formal (uses the -ka imperative suffix):
endo yanda rumahanga ....
May do-not CAUS-harm-IMPER.....
[,Endo 'janda ru'maxaNga...]
Maybe approx. "thou shalt not..."


Roger Mills <rfmilly@...>