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Re: Looking for a good grammar

From:Gary Shannon <fiziwig@...>
Date:Thursday, January 8, 2004, 20:47
--- Garth Wallace <gwalla@...> wrote:
> Gary Shannon wrote: > > > > Which of these are the same tenses and which are > > different ways of expressing the same tense, and > what > > tenses are they anyway?
<snip> Thanks to everyone for their input on this. It goes back to a question I posted several months ago about the minimal set of tenses/moods/voices a language must have to be able to express reasonable thoughts without excessive circumlocution. I'm still trying to arrive at a set that will be small, but versatile. Obviously it's important to distinguish between "I am bad" and "I am being bad" but this can be done without tense as in "I am perpetually bad" vs "I am temporarily bad" But some of them are trickier. For example, how does one use only simple past and some circumlocution to distinguish between "I ran" and "I was running"? "I ran momentarily" vs "I ran continuously"? or something like that? --gary
> > I'd recommend reading Rick Harrison's essay on verb > aspect: > <> > > Also, the SIL Glossary of Linguistic Terms entries > on tense >
> and mood >