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Rikchik Postscript Files

From:Denis M. Moskowitz <dmm@...>
Date:Monday, November 30, 1998, 18:05
[Didier Willis]
> Denis M. Moskowitz wrote: > > > I had a try at the title in "" (or what appeared to be > a title, in boldface and larger characters in the middle of the > page -- I am not so sure of it right now ;)
That is indeed the title.
> Damned, that's so hard ! > Here is what I have got so far: > Rikchik-Agent-N-0 > Talk-Source-I-1 > Happy-End-V-1
Yes, that is correct.
> I am just wondering what it means.... > "Talk + Idea" seems to mean "Language" (it is thus used on you > web page)... "Rikchik smiles because of the language" ??? No, I > have certainly missed something here, "Language" should collect > "Rikchik"...
The Idea aspect of "Talk" indeed means language. Talk collects Rikchik as an Agent: Rikchik is doing the Talking. Thus, these 2 glyphs are "Language that is done by Rikchiks" or "Rikchik Language". Source means cause in this case. What is the language causing? Happy, as a verb. Thus, being happy because of the Rikchik language.
> I give up and wait for your help. I definitively don't seem to > have seven tentacles and a Rikchik brain =:*)
Me neither, but I try. :) Also, I have added pdf files to the above page, where appropriate. You don't get the hand-crafted feel when you read the PDF source though. :) -(o- Also also, to respond to Diana's post: rikchiks don't swim (at least, not for long, or without breathing equipment) but one can feel the wind whipped up by a fast-signing rikchik. (When can we see some of Glide?) -- Denis M Moskowitz Happy-Result-N-0 God-Quality-N-1 Human-End-R-1 Human-Source-R-0P Rikchik-Agent-N-0 Talk-End-I-2 <a href="">My WWW page</a> <a href="">Rikchik Language</a>