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Constructed maps ( CHAT)

From:Roger Mills <rfmilly@...>
Date:Friday, June 22, 2007, 17:40
Carsten Becker wrote:
> Hi! > > Matahaniya ang Ryan Beaton <go174@...>: > > > Beautifully done!! Very professional looking. How are you > > doing this-- by hand, computer, other?? I remember the > > earlier maps too, that were very nice. > > I think he did them with a computer, though I guess he used > a graphics tablet to draw the map. > > > I've tried on occasion to do similar maps by hand of my > > planet Cindu, but > > Huh? Isn't that Roger Mills' planet? I'm confused now!
Yes, I wrote that, and some of the following. I'll assume "Ryan Beaton" is "Roger Mills" in Ayeri :-))))
> > > between inertia, absent or fading skills and lack of a > > good cartography text (with all the necessary formulae, > > tables etc.), nothing satisfies me. > > Same here. I still don't know how to make a good land > texture, especially how to make mountains. It's technically > not difficult I guess, but I just don't produce any nice > results regarding that.
Didn't write that, but I agree, mountains are difficult. The amateur way is to use lots of inverted V V V V with appropriate shading, but it still looks amateur. :-((( I've pored over professionally done maps in Atlases, and have a vague idea how it should be done, but seem to lack the artistic skill.
> > > I > > really want to make a globe, but am not sure how to go > > about it.
I meant a real live solid globe. One way would be to buy one and paint over it (nobody seems to make blank globes, I wonder why); another would be to buy a beach ball and paint on it, but it would deflate over time (boo....). Another way would be to make one out of papier mache......messy. There's some good info on Zompist about drawing the "gores" (as the curvy triangular segments are called)-- especially the "sinusoidal" section. I've tried this technique and it's interesting and fun.
> > Make a map with the relation 2:1 and then use the GIMP's > rendering functions to map it on a globe. > > > Stunning Map! I've been trying for a while to create one > > myself, but either through lack of knowledge or improper > > tools I've been unable to come up with one that seems > > satisfactory. > > A vector graphics program combined with a pixel graphics > program should be a great help.
Hmm, yes, if I had more than a fleeting idea what those terms meant. Old dog, new tricks, etc. Rik's comment about "Layers" is relevant. ObConworld: The hemispheres on my home page are I think an accurate depiction of Cindu; I'm sure the lat. and long. lines (15deg. intervals) are reasonably correct. The continents/islands etc. were done free-hand. The flat map is a correct projection of the hemispheric maps, and the basis of all later work (not on the website). It was done with the aid of cartography textbooks back in the 70s, before everything became computerized. (Texts like the ones I used then seem to have vanished from the publishing world. Grr. If I'd known, I would never have returned them to the library. Or, of course, bought them.) I've tried to do other projections, but the math gets too complicated....and one needs a HUGE compass for some of the lat/long. lines.


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