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Re: Brukhim Hanimtza'im!

From:Steg Belsky <draqonfayir@...>
Date:Thursday, September 16, 1999, 7:56
On Wed, 15 Sep 1999 08:45:54 +0200 Christophe Grandsire
<grandsir@...> writes:
> > I also have another email address, but it's an annoying > number-series > > that the college gave me, so i try to avoid using it. This new > version > > of Juno seems to accept "agghq?kp" and other 'special' characters > well > > coming from Conlang, unlike my old version which gave me annoying > hex > > codes or something.
> The question mark was intentional or not ? Personally I can > read the > special characters without a problem (as long as I am in the > Netherlands, I use Netscape Mail at my office), but when I want to > reply, they all disappear :( .
Hrmph....that's what just happened to me... When i sent the message it said "accented" with an acute on the A, double cedillas, i think grave or circumflex on the E, enye, "dagger", i think E-dieresis, and edh. But now it's just "agghq?kp". bleah. No fair. I can't believe i forgot to say in my of the classes i'm taking is Introduction to Linguistics! Although my teacher doesn't seem to understand the concept of an artlang. And i'm pretty sure i missed at least some posts....the gap between my last email that i got and the first that i got now when i re-set myself "mail" was around 10 days. And everyone's talking about different stuff now :) . -Stephen (Steg) beeeeeeaaaaarrrrrrccccccaaaaattttttsssssssssssss! ___________________________________________________________________ Get the Internet just the way you want it. Free software, free e-mail, and free Internet access for a month! Try Juno Web: