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New conlang and new non-subscribing conlanger!

From:Daniel Andreasson <noldo@...>
Date:Monday, October 25, 1999, 20:44
Hello all.

I really don't know how to start, but the most
amazing thing happened today. As I told you=20
two days ago, me and a class mate of mine agreed
to learn a new language to use in class. Both
to make be able to say nasty things to teachers
we don't like and to say good things about ourselves.
And when other people don't understand, we can just
laugh and say: "That's the point, MUTU!!!" (Thanks
for 'mutu', Mia! :)

Oh, thank you all who has sent in insults. Especially
Barry, Pablo and Mia. I was LOLing constantly while=20
I was reading them.

Anyway. She actually proposed to me that we should
make up our own language! Of course I agreed.
When I got to university today I had brought with me
a whole lot of papers on Rinya to show her. I was
somewhat afraid of what she would think, but I didn't
have to it turned out. She thought it was really cool!
Yay! But as she's a total beginner at this conlanging
business (though she's taking linguistics with me 2nd term,=20
and she's almost as good as me :) we agreed on starting from
the beginning. So today we have done the phonology.

So, I'm very proud to present both a new conlanger and
a new conlang. The new conlanger's name is Pia, 32, and=20
she is a mother of three. (Yes, she told me a could write
that :) She's IMHO not a typical conlanger (that is, I
wouldn't have guessed she liked it), but what is a
typical conlanger anyway? :)

It feels fantastic to have a conlanging friend to whom
I can discuss conlanging matters everyday and 'live'!
Also, this conlang has a possibility of being used=20
everyday, so perhaps it will develop while we're using
it. That will be really interesting to see.

Our conlang's working name is Nindin, 'The language'.
The phonology isn't revolutionary, but we agreed on
everything, so no compromising. That is a good start.
Here's the phonology (fixed-width, please):
(Written orthographically)

      blb  lbdnt    dnt   alv  p.alv  pal  vel  uvl  gtl
stp:  p b           t d                    c g  q
frc:  f        v   th dh  s z  sh zh       x         h =20
nas:    m             n  =20
lat:               lh l=20
vow:    w             r                 y


i     u
e     o

{c} =3D /k/
{f} =3D bilabial fric
{r} is really more of a tap
{lh} is a voiceless lateral approximant

So, what do you guys think of all this?

/ Daniel

Daniel Andreasson | |
"Mmm... free goo..." - Homer Simpson