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Re: CHAT: The EU expands (was Re: THEORY/CHAT: Talmy, Jackendoff and Matchboxes)

From:Mark P. Line <mark@...>
Date:Wednesday, May 5, 2004, 13:47
Andreas Johansson said:
> Quoting Jean-François Colson <fa597525@...>: > >> If ever Turkey or Russia Join the EU, that would be understandable since >> they are partly in Europe and their Capitals are in Europe. But Israel >> and >> Lebanon are wholefully in Asia. Aren't they? > > Um, are we to assume you consider Ankara to be in Europe? That would be a > fairly > excentric view ... > > Cyprus is also wholly in Asia, according to just about every atlas I've > seen.
In terms of Europe the physical region, Cyprus is in Southwest Asia. In terms of Europe the social region, Cyprus is in Europe (according to just about any Cypriot you care to ask). Since the physical region is geographically unmotivated and is merely a rationalization of the pre-existing social region, I'm happy to consider Cyprus part of Europe. The capital of Turkey is in Asia, though..... -- Mark