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Just a Question

From:Kua Sai <greendragon2988@...>
Date:Monday, February 10, 2003, 22:43
A quick question:  Since I was having trouble before creating vocabulary for
my language, can anyone check out this derivation of two roots, to see if I'm
doing it right?  Here Goes:
gaiyo-to purr-root(gai)+verbalizer meaning "X does this"(yo)
gaitao-stealthy-root(gai)+adjectivizer meaning "X is like this"(tao)
gaito-stealth-root(gai)+adjective to noun affix meaning "noun form of X"(to)
gaitae-stealthily-root(gai)+noun to adverb affix meaning "to act 'X-ily'
kelaet-to shine-root(kel)+verbalizer meaning "X does this"(aet)
keletol-shiny-root(kel)+adjectivizer meaning "X is like this"(tao)
keleto-shine-root(kel)+adjective to noun affix meaning "noun form of X"(eto)
kelat-brightly-root(kel)+noun to adverb affix meaning "to act 'X-ily' "(at)

thats all I've done.  Please respond telling me what you think!


Peter Clark <peter-clark@...>