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Re: Name mangling (Was: Re: First Sound Recording of Asha'ille!)

From:Andreas Johansson <andjo@...>
Date:Tuesday, March 8, 2005, 0:39
Quoting "H. S. Teoh" <hsteoh@...>:

> On Mon, Mar 07, 2005 at 07:59:44PM +0100, Henrik Theiling wrote: > > Hi! > > > > Just to play the game, examples from Tyl Sjok: > > - 'Henrik': [hEn=Xik=], > > - 'Björn': [djEl3n=] oder [gjEl3n=], > > - 'Arthaey Angosii': [?al=sE ?ENgVsi] -- quite close, I think. :-)
> Rachel -> datsere [da.'tsE.4E] > Robert -> doberet [dO.bE.'4Et] > Roland -> doran ['dO.4an] > Rudy -> duri ['du.4i] (you can see how [4] and [d] swap here) > Lisa -> disa [']
Tairezazh could keep those pretty intact, except Björn, which would have to morph to _Béren_, pronounced ['be:r@n] or ['be:rn=] depending on lect. Meghean, rather OEesquely, would make it into _Beorn_ [bjorn]. The final cluster '-rn' is not found in native Meghean words, but I think they'd find it easy enough to acquire. Or, pronouncing Björn svecically as [bj9:n`], maybe _bén_ [be:n] and _beon_ [bjon] respectively are closer. It's more fun Tairezanizing polysyllabic French names, since Tairezazh doesn't like pre-stress vowels. Frex, Stéphanie would probably get pronounced as _Stfnei_ [stfnej] by Tairezans. Yargish might do some funny things to those names: Henrik > Khanrik [xanrik] Björn > yurun [jMrMn], or yuran [jMran] homophonuous to the word for "troll". Arthaey > Artay [artaj] Angosii > Angusi [aNgMsi], if IIRC that 'ii' is [i:]. Rachel > Rachar [ratSar] (or Raychar if Rachel = /rejtS-/ Robert > Rubart [rMbart] Roland > Rurand [rMrand] Rudi > Rudi [rMdi] Lisa > Risa [risa] Stéphanie > Stifani ['stifani] Andreas Johansson would, I guess, become respectively: Dréas Ouanson ['dre:as '] (Tairezazh) Andrehas Euean-Son [an'dre.jas 'ju.jan.son] (Meghean) Angrias Yuansun [' '] (Yargish) "Andreas" is actually an orthographically possible word in Meghean, but would be pronounced ['andrjas] or [an'drjas]. Maybe I should assign a meaning to it. I spelt "Euean-Son" with a hyphen to hint at the fact that /ns/ is only acceptable across a morpheme boundary. "Yuansun" looks like it could be a Chinese name. Is it? "Angrias" happens to be a shifted version of Sp _sangria_ - looks like an imaginatively challenged RPG name. To collapse fewer distinctions, one might let [e],[E] > [aj] instead and thus have "Khaynrik", "Stayfani" and "Angrayas". Let's honour our old Lord of Instrumentality by doing "John Cowan" too: Dzhon Kauen ['dZOn 'kaw.@n] (Tairezazh) Deon Cauen ['dZon 'kaw.en] (Meghean) Jan Kavan ['dZan 'kavan] (Yargish) Maybe Americans would like the Tairezazh better as _Dzhán_ [dZA:n]. Yeah, and by the rules of Meghean morphonology, _Cauen_ is clearly a verb in the perfect aspect. As a noun, _Caoen_ ['ka.wen] would look saner. Andreas


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