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Mormong Concreole Creation

From:Daniel D Hicken <danlefrancais@...>
Date:Friday, December 12, 2003, 2:18
> Welcome to the list! Happy to see you here. Since I went nomail on > Conculture, I missed some people from there, including you :) .
Aw...stop, you're making me blush! Conculture's not been the same with you and some of the others (Ferko, Jan)
> >I'm wanting to create a creole conlang out of at least English and > >French/Narbonosc, > > I'm honoured :) .
There was no other choice in my mind. :)
> > if not Kerno/Brithenig as well, and I'm at a loss, > >because I hadn't gone to much into creoles, so I only know that the
> >strata language works to become like the superstratum, which in this
> >is English and French\Narbonosc, respectively. I imagine there will
> >heavy borrowing from Kerno/Brithening and any other languages in my IB > >Lousianne. Any help and discussion about this would be helpful. > > Hanuman, where are you?! As Master Creolist of the list, you ought to
> up here :)) . Mathias, you're also welcome to discuss :)) . Personally,
> don't have enough knowledge of creoles to help here :(( .
Please help! ;) Thanks, M'sieur.