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Weird New Conlang

From:Anthony M. Miles <theophilus88@...>
Date:Thursday, July 17, 2003, 15:38
Here’s a weird new language (I know it’s not spoken by humans).
New Language
ii [i]  i [i_0]         uu [u]          u [u_0]         aa [a]          a [a_0]
y [j]   hy [j_0]        w [w]           hw [W]  ?` [?\]         h` [X\]
j [J\]  c [c]           v [v]           f [f]           h [h_v]         hh [h_0]
g [g]   k [k]           b [b]           p [p]           -----           ? [?]
ny [J]  hny [J_0]       m [m]           hm [m_0]        ng [N]          hng [N_0]

ii      [i]
ii.     [i:\]
ii..    [i:]
iin     [i:_n]
i       [i_0]
i.      [i:\_0]
i..     [i:_0]
in      [i:_n_0]
uu      [u]
uu.     [u:\]
uu..    [u:]
uun     [u:_n]
u       [u_0]
u.      [u:\_0]
u..     [u:_0]
un      [u:_n_0]
aa      [a]
aa.     [a:\]
aa..    [a:]
aan     [a:_n]
a       [a_0]
a.      [a:\_0]
a..     [a:_0]
an      [a:_n_0]

Roots are quadriconsonantal (g-b-hw-?` ‘boy’, w-v-c-p ‘love’, h`-y-?-hh
‘girl’). Each consonant has an equivalent vowel (using the examples above,
ii..-uu..-u-a, uu-uu.-i.-aa.., a-ii-a..-a.). When a root is ‘incorporated’
into another root, the secondary root’s consonants become vowels. When a
root is separate, the second and fourth consonants become vowels.
Sentence: The boy loves the girl
Love-boy girl (V-S O)
Wii..vuu..cupa h`i?a.
[wi:vu:cu_0pa_0 X\i_0?a:\_0]
Love boy-girl (V S-O) gabiihwa..?a
[wu:cu:_0 ga_0biWa:_0?a]
Love-girl boy (V-O S) guu..hwa
[wuvu:\ci:\_0pa:_0 gu:Wa_0]


"commune id vitium est, hic vivimus ambitiosa
"this is our common fault; here we live in ostentatious poverty"
Juvenal, Satires 3.182-3

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