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Sound symbolism (was Re: tolkien?)

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Sunday, December 14, 2003, 4:50
Alex Fink wrote:
> Phonosemantics suggests that > > 'sound symbolism' occurs > > in natlangs: this is the idea that to some extent > > individual phonemes > > contribute to the meaning of morphemes, which sounds > > just like what you're > > describing.
The only "sound symbolism" I've deliberately introduced into Kash is the use of /-p/, and sometimes initial /p/ and /f/, for concepts that might be considered "dumb", "funny", "icky" or just somehow mildly unpleasant-- pengop - glue, sticky sucup - mud kondrop - stupid hukop - throw away , akukop garbage fufu - (nursery) poop, shit and onomatopoetics/interjections like fup - fart fuf - oh shit! nip - oops (slip and, usually, fall down) tup - bounce tip - tap etc. but I don't see anything intrinsically funny, nasty etc. about the sound [p]............ For more information, Wikipedia's
> > article on phonosemantics is > > at . > >