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v > ?

From:Aidan Grey <grey@...>
Date:Tuesday, December 11, 2001, 22:24
   hey all,

   Now that I'm soon to have more free time than I've recently had (which
still isn't much), I plan to work on Aelya some more. Since Daniel has Cein
following a Brythonic vein, I've decided to follow more in lines with the
Goidelic (thanks in part to Kim McCone's "Toward a Relative Chronology..."
and to a semester of Welsh, during which I've discovered that I don't like
rh and ll as much as I thought I did).

   So, the question for you all: how do you think Quenya _v_ would be fit
into the PIE sound system (details below, as relevant to the Celtic langs)?

   Stops:  p t k' [k] kw
               [b] d g' [g] gw
              bh dh g'h [gh] gwh

   fricative: s [th]

   laryngeals: h1 h2 h3
   (and does anyone have any resources on recent laryngeal theory?)

   sonants: y/i w/u r l m n

   vowels:  [a] e o [a:] e: o:

   As I understand it, the []ed phonemes are ones of questionable existence
at the stage of the first transformations in Proto-Celtic.

   My guess is for _v_ > _bh_ or _w_, but I have no reasoning for these