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From:D Tse <exponent@...>
Date:Friday, September 21, 2001, 9:41
> > Try this: > > > > I just found this on a quick Google search and it has almost exactly the > same information as what's printed in his dictionary (saving me lots of > typing). The forward of his dictionary states that he worked for the HK > government, so I guess it's no big secret why it's tied in to HK street > signs. Keep in mind that HK was a vestige of Empire, so when they say
> like: "aap" sounds like the "arp" in "harp", it's Received Pronunciation. > The "u" finals are also a little funky (eg: "sun" sounds to me more like > /sYn/ than /s@n/ (as one might infer from the "sounds like the "on" in > "nation" explanation)).
Oh ye gods... I'm a native speaker of Cantonese and I think that his "Anglophone descriptions" of the sounds (as similar things have been described before on this list :) are pretty bad. I found a phonology of Cantonese in the IPA handbook which is quite good. So for those who wish to know, it lists the vowels thusly: /i/, /y/, /E/ /oe (that darn ligature)/, /a/ /O/ /u/ /I/ /o- (o with line through middle)/ /A (a inverted)/ /U/ And the diphthongs thusly: /ai/ /Ai/ /au/ /Au/ /ei/ /Eu/ /o-y/ /Oi/ /ui/ /iu/ /oU/ And the tones thusly: 55, 33, 22, 11, 35, 13 Still, as a layman transcription, the transcriptions don't look too awful, unlike the Teach Yourself (Baker & Ho) romanisation, which is functional but like looking at a piece of burnt toast: Ngró yhat gin-dóu kréui, kréui jrau jáu-jó laak. Imperative
> You'll need software to see what characters they're > talking about, if you care. He uses numbers after the characters to mark > tones (which you wouldn't see on a traffic sign, natch); I just use my own > diacritics when taking notes. And I compress tone 1 and tone 7, but we've > had that discussion before.
Tone 7?
> But hey, aside from all that, it's great! > Anyhoo, may I assume that if you have the Li and Thompson, you have the > Routledge Cantonese grammar by Matthews and Yip? I prefer Lau's
> quantum leaps over theirs. > > Hope this helps, > > Kou


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