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Kolagian Unicode fonts

From:Herman Miller <hmiller@...>
Date:Tuesday, May 9, 2000, 22:53
I added three new fonts to my FTP site. These are Unicode versions of the
Olaetyan, Mizarian, and Zirinka fonts, with the characters arranged
according to the proposals in the ConScript Unicode Registry. (Olaetyan) (Mizarian) (Zireen)

A couple of minor problems:

1. The precomposed characters and ligatures in the Olaetyan script are
encoded in the Cyrillic area of the character set. I tried to get them set
to undefined values, but Fontographer started doing weird things, so I left
them there. I have a number of options: leave them there, remove them from
the font, or move them to a spot that isn't used for valid Unicode
characters. I want to leave them in so future software that can handle
ligatures and mark positioning will be able to display Olaetyan properly.

2. No Zireen numbers! They weren't in the old font, so I'll have to track
down the original handwritten notes (or just make up new ones -- I don't
suppose it matters much).

3. Some of the characters in the Mizarian font are crude place-holders.
I'll leave them there until I get around to drawing proper outlines for

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