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Whiteness? (and conlang progress)

From:Adrian Morgan <morg0072@...>
Date:Tuesday, September 5, 2000, 5:51
Roger Mills wrote:

> Re Australia-- it strikes me I haven't seen/heard/read "abo(s)" in a > very long time.
Ah yes, not a good term to use - the established title 'Aboriginal' is the most respectful while the corrupt form 'Abo' is the least so. This is a good part of why I'm surprised that 'Negro' is tarnished by, in Nik Taylor's words, "the similarity to" Nigger. * A few comments on how things are coming along with conlanging: I've made lots of progress, and the document now stands at ten pages. There is a completely new format which should be easier to read, and vocabulary has gone up a mile. And there's been a hundred and one miscellaneous changes. I've read an entire Welsh dictionary for word-purging purposes, as well as a tutorial on Swedish. Just looking at my notes to pick out a nice example word. How about /bendrisg&IThI/ - that's a noun depicting a person who acts constructively despite a negative emotional state. The root is /ben/ (constructiveness); suffixes include /dris/ (to bring about), /g&IT/ (whilst experiencing pain, grief or shock) and /hI/ (one characterised by a tendency to). I'll upload the RTF document in a couple of weeks time. Incidentally - very important point here - my ISP have moved all the homepages for reasons known only to themselves, so my page is now at *web.netyp etc* instead of www.netyp etc. It's all there in my sig. (I'll officially notify Taliesin about this change, for the purposes of the web ring, when I do the updates.) I check up on conlang and other web pages on days when I don't get much email. -- web. | Here and there I like to preserve a few islands of sanity | within the vast sea of absurdity which is my mind. member/ | After all, you can't survive as an eight foot tall dragon | flesh eating dragon if you've got no concept of reality.