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VOCABULARY AID: Basic and Additional Vocabulary (topics 16 - 26)

From:Carsten Becker <naranoieati@...>
Date:Thursday, December 2, 2004, 12:29
Part III. I found out that most mistakes are caused by the
ring fingers (RF) and the pinkies (P), especially the
respective ones of the left hand (l):
lRF: s w x; rRF: l o .
lP: a q y; rP: ö p -



16. Good characteristics, virtues

ability, admiration, application, character, charm,
confidence, consideration, courage, efficiency, energy,
gift, honour, industry, joke, joy, laughter, love, luck,
mercy, quality, respect, sacrifice, value, virtue -- to
admire, to attract, to behave, to convince, to encourage,
to help, to invite, to laugh, to obey, to pardon, to thank
-- able, aware, best, better, bold, brave, busy, calm,
charming, cheerful, clever, content, economical, faithful,
generous, good, helpful, honest, humble, modest, nice,
patient, polite, quite, sincere, strong

disposition, frame of mind, sincerity/responsibility,
gratitude, humility, modesty, perseverance, generosity,
honesty, piety, enthusiasm, frankness, tolerance,
resolution, seriousness, to exert oneself, to endeavour, to
have regard for, to make sacrifices (for), merciful (to),
tolerant (of), cordial, respectful, honourable, venerable,
resolute, industrious, outspoken, fearless, conscientious,
smart/capable (of), courageous, thoughtful, reserved,
unselfish, thrifty, intrepid, irreistible, discreet,

17. Faults, vices

blame, confusion, coward, crime, criminal, cruelty, curse,
failure, jealousy, lie, mistake -- to blame, to boast, to
curse, to deceive, to disappoint, to discourage, to fial,
to hate, to hesitate, to lie, to quarrel, to steal --
aftraid, anxious, bad, cheap, coarse, cruel, false,
foolish, mad, shy, stupid, unable, violent

dislike (to, of), arrogance, presumption,
self-consciousness, ambition, stubbornness, vanity,
narrow-mindedness, cowardice, impudence, greed, hatred,
violence, suspicion, vice, injustice, revenge, impatience,
envy, to envy s.o., to detest, to abuse, to moan, to
disapprove, to frown on, to grumble, to scorn, to annoy, to
ridicule, to flatter, to get excited, unjust, grudging,
envious, impatient, impudent, haughty, extravagant,
cowardly, detestable, presumptuous, self-conscious,
ambitious, selfish, stubborn, timid, indifferent

18. Feelings, state of mind

a) of indifferent kind
attention, balance, behaviour, determination, equality,
feeling, freedom, heart, justice, necessity, patience,
soul, tune -- to astonish, to behave, to compose oneself,
to determine, to excite, to feel, to surprise -- brave,
calm, cold, cool, humble, just, moderate, noble, patient,
plain, pure

mood, moderation, compassion, charity, sense of duty,
self-confidence, wisdom, emotion, to imitate, to disguise,
to indicate, to testify, sociable, talkative, good-natured,
sensitive (to)

b) of joyous, pleasant kind

charm, confidence, fortune, friend, fun, hope, joy,
laughter, love, luck, pleasure, preference, satisfaction,
smile -- to enjoy, to hope, to kiss, to laugh, to love, to
please, to prefer, to satisfy, to smile, to support --
bright, charming, dear, faithful, fond, fortunate,
friendly, funny, gay [NB: no, not homosexual, but the old
meaning!], generous, glad, helpful, lovely, lucky,
pleasant, polite, tender

affection, attachment, passion, cheerfulness, predilection,
longing (for), embrace, to fascinate, to rely on, to
cherish, to pet, attractive, in love with, affectionate,
passionate, intimate

c) of gloomy, unpleasant kind

anxiety, cruelty, doubt, fear, fright, offence, pain, pride,
shame, worry -- to comfort, to complain, to disappoint, to
discourage, to doubt, to fear, to frighten, to hurt, to
offend, to suffer, to worry -- angry, anxious, cruel, dull,
fearful, hopeless, mad, painful, proud, rude, sad, shy,
unfavourable, weak, worse, worst

homesickness, reproach, disgrace, suffering, animosity,
hatred, threat, enmity, scorn, dislike, distrust, grief,
uneasiness, to despise, to scare, to be horrified, to be
aghast, to be alarmed, to dislike, to bore, to be bored, to
be annoyed, to scold s.o., to insult, to detest, to upset,
to distress, to torture, to bother, to shudder (at),
furious, horrible, disdainful, horrid, worrying, desperate,
vexing, suspicious, distrustful, malicious, irritable,
restless, dissatisfied, gloomy, shameful, upset, startled,
embarrassing, disgusting, nasty, indignant, shocking

19. Religion, religious feeling

belief, confidence, conscience, creature, cross, curse,
dust, experience, explanation, future, glory, God, grave,
guide, harm, heart, heaven, hell, hope, ideal, judge,
judg(e)ment, justice, kingdom, leader, loss, lot, luck,
mass, meaning, mind, minister, misery, pain, pardon, pity,
priest, punishment, religion, shame, spirit, struggle,
Sunday, sympathy, tear, wisdom, world -- to believe, to
bless, to confess, to cross, to curse, to forgive, to give,
to guide, to hate, to help, to hope, to judge, to justify,
to pardon, to pass away, to preach, to punish, to suffer --
gentle, good, great, helpful, holy, human, humble, just,
painful, religious, solemn, unhappy

Christ, Christian, denomination, creed, redemption,
paradise, Providence, angel, prophet, prophecy, apostle,
gospel, the Holy Ghost, our Saviour, prayer-book, the
Lord's Prayer, the Lord's Supper, the ten commandments,
doomsday, the holy scriptures, Bible, chapel/temple,
clergyman, clergy, bishop, parish, monk, abbey, pope,
divine service, sermon, altar, pulpit, church steeple,
sinner, superstition, heathen, to redeem, to damn, to
christen, to convert, to meditate (on), to reveal, to
create, to prophesy, to worship, to adore, to sin, to
repent, to celebrate, to kneel down, to crucify, Christian
(adj), pious, divine, immortal, spiritual, clerical,
repentant, pagan, superstitious

20. Want, intention (act, deed)

act, action, activity, advice, agreement, aim, arrangement,
attack, attempt, attention, control, intention, jealousy,
murder, objection, offence, offer, opposition, protest,
resignation, resistance -- to accept, to acquaint, to
acquire, to act, to add, to advise, to agree, to aim, to
apply, to appoint, to approach, to attract, to cause, to
control, to decide, to determine, to hate, to help, to
insist on, to move, must, to obey, to object, to offend, to
offer, to organize, to overcome, to persuade, to pick, to
practise, to prefer, to prepare, to protest, to record, to
refuse, to resist -- active, helpful, idle

determination, consent, refusal/argument, embarrassment,
predicament, distress, fix (fam.), pretension, pretension,
proposition, to conclude (from), to consent (to), to
authorize, to be authorized, to strive (for/after), to
prohibit, to decline/to tend (to), to be resolved, to argue
s.o. (into), to submit (to), embarrassed, prejudiced,
pretentious, energetic, staunch, intentionally


21. Family

aunt, baby, birth, boy, brother, child, cousin, daughter,
death, father, girl, husband, man, marriage, Miss, mother,
nephew, niece, parents, proposal, relation, relative,
widow(er), woman -- to leave, to marry, to seperate --
alive, dead, dear, female, male, single

Christian/first name, surname, last name, birthday,
tenderness (to), engagement, fiance(e), engaged couple,
bride and bridegroom, wedding, maiden name, married couple,
honeymoon, dowry, trousseau, offspring, infant/twins,
ancestor, grandparents, grandfather/-mother,
godfather/-mother, grandchild, son-in-law,
brother-/sister-in-law, stepmother, orphan, guardian,
bachelor, adult, childhood, generation, heritage, (last)
will, to become engaged to, to christen, to baptize, to
come of age, to divorce, to bequeath / to inherit, related,
akin to, unmarried, paternal / maternal, junior/senior to

22. Social groups and relationships

a) acquaintance, association, band, citizen, clerk,
companion, coward, criminal, critic, crowd, enemy, farmer,
fellow, firm, flock, friend, gentleman, judge, king,
manager, member, office, officer, official, party,
passenger, patient, people, person, player, poet, police,
population, president, priest, prisoner, race, ruler,
sailor, secretary, servant, slave, university -- to
acquaint, to manage -- another, anybody, friendly
b) acquaintance, age, circle, club, committee, company,
consideration, custom, dance, game, group, guest, marriage,
meeting, party, presence, rank, respect, union, visit -- to
accompany, to acquaint, to dance, to invite, to join, to
marry, to meet, to play, to please, to present, to receive,
to visit -- alone, human, old, polite, popular, present,
private, public, young

host / hostess, hospitality, spectator/audience, partner,
chap (fam.), appointment, interview, politeness, courtesy,
celebration, festival, ceremony, festivity, to be
courteous, to associate (with), to esteem, to celebrate/to
congratulate, civilized, educated, respected, festive

23. Language (cf. 9; 66-68; 71)

a) The spoken and written word (cf. 66-68; 71)

account, advertisement, answer, book, case, cry,
examination, greeting, impression, letter, message, name,
news, permission, promise, proof, reply, report, sigh,
speech, story, study, term, voice, word -- to add, to
address, to admit, to advertise, to advise, to answer, to
approve, to beg, to chat(ter), to cry, to discuss, to
examine, to express, to permit, to persuade, to pray, to
preach, to promise, to reply, to report, to represent, to
sign, to translate, to voice -- American, commercial,
English, excellent, German, popular, solemn

Additional: announcement, exclamation, proclamation,
conference, discussion, dialogue, debate, dispute,
allusion, hint, topic, theme, lecture, hand-writing,
Italian, Spanish, Arabic, to announce, to publish, to
assure s.o. of, to exclaim, to proclaim, to affirm,
to maintain, to communicate (with), to mutter, to murmur,
to relate, to stutter / to stammer, to lisp, to gossip, to
utte,r to yell/to scream, to gruble (at), to allude (to),
to hint (at), to interrogate, to retort, to respond (to),
to entreat, to implore, to apologize (for), to flatter, to
reproach s.o. with, to contradict, to menace, to
admonish (of), appropriate, adequate, elegant, meaningful,
eminent, earnest, trite, Italian, Spanish, Latin

b) Kinds of expression in language (cf. 66-68; 71)

address, agreement, appliation, comparison, copy,
declaration, deed, description, example, exercise, inquiry,
issue, judg(e)ment, lie, list, manner, opinion, outline,
page, paper, pass, question, record, silence, song -- to
admit, to copy, to declare, to describe, to discuss, to
excuse, to inquire, to lie, to list, to order, to record,
to repeat, to report, to sing

data, proposition, criticism, compliment, refusal,
questionnaire, inspection, consultation, to exaggerate, to
overdo, to consult, to inspect, to indicate, to testify
(to), to deny, to decline, to oblige, to reject, witty,
sensible, cautious, daring, accurate, silly, shameful, in
compliance with

24. Clothing, jewellery

appearance, arrangement, art, article, basket, beauty, body,
chain, clothes, coat, collar, colour, cotton, crown,
expense, fashion, fur, gift, glove, gold, hat, jewel,
leather, metal, piece, pin, pocket, shoe, silver,
simplicity, skin, skirt, sleeve, stone, straw, suit,
thread, tie, treasure, value, veil -- to attach, to
attract, to change, to cut, to fasten, to flash, to give,
to shine, to weave -- available, beautiful, dirty,
expensive, fine, glorious, grand, modern, modest, pretty,
silver, simple, small, thin, tight

textiles, tissue, fabric, rayon, velvet, wardrobe,
tailor-made/ready-made suit, costume, evening dress/gown,
dinner-jacket, a pair of trousers, drawers, pants, bathing
suit / trunks, lining, pattern, jacket, braces, tie-,
scarf-pin, waistcoat, linen / underwear, pyjamas (pajamas),
cloak / rain-coat, hood, zip-fastener, wrist-watch, wallet,
purse, slippers, sole, shoelace, bootlace, shoestring,
sock, dry-cleaning, blouse, scarf, hand-bag, petticoat /
frock, robe, apron, pearl, necklace, bracelet, brooch,
jewelry, ear-ring, hair-pin, fan, wedding-ring, buckle, to
alter, to undress, to knit, to embroider, to darn/to
patch/to mend, to lace, to dye / to starch, to soak, to
rinse, to adorn, to disguise, fashionable, old-fashioned,
close fitting, slack, waterproof, worn off / shabby,
threadbare, ragged, stained, barefooted, naked, gorgeous,

25. Night rest

bed, camp, chair, clock, curtain, cushion, dream, evening,
fold, home, house, knee, night, room, sheet, shirt, sweat
-- to arise, to go to bed, to dream, to fold, to lie down
-- asleep, awake, calm, comfortable

bedroom, bedding, bedstead, blanket / quilt, pillow,
pillow-case/-slip, mattress, bed-clothes, linen,
bedside-rug/-table, hot water-bottle, to tire (out), to be
exhausted, to relax, to slumber, fatigued, exhausted,
peaceful, sleepless

26. Morning toilet

bath, beard, body, bottle, bow, bowl, box, brush, button,
cap, care, charm, cloth, comb, cup, curl, dish, face,
flavour, hair, hand, health, help, knot, light, lip, milk,
pencil, pin, plate, pot, remedy, salt, shade, shadow, shoe,
skin, skirt, sleeve, soap, stuff, table, throat, tooth,
towel, treatment, vessel, water -- to care, to clear, to
comb, to dry, to mix, to rub, to smell, to spread, to wash
-- careful, careless, charming, cold, electrical, healthy,
helpful, hot, loud, practical, strong, tender, thorough

bathroom, dressing-table, toilet set, tub, sponge,
wash-cloth/-basin, tooth-brush/-paste, (stick of) shaving
soap, electric/safety razor, razor blade, hair brush, nail
scissors/file, nail varnish, beauty cream, face powder /
lipstick, permanent/cold wave, beauty treatment,
complexion, wig, water-closet, W.C., lavatory, hygiene,

Eri silveváng aibannama padangin.
Nivaie evaenain eri ming silvoieváng caparei.
- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Le Petit Prince