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Re: P- and Q-Celtic (was Re: Reasonable sound changes.)

From:Keith Gaughan <kmgaughan@...>
Date:Wednesday, January 12, 2005, 19:24
Steven Williams wrote:
> --- Rodlox <Rodlox@...> wrote: > >> if I may ask...what is a /shibboleth/ ? > > > It's a biblical thing; I forgot which book of the > Bible, but it's in the old Testament and probably in > the first five books (Numbers, maybe?). Basically, two > armies were fighting, and the two peoples spoke the > same language, so they used the word /shibboleth/ > ('small stream' or something like that) to tell > whether the person was a friend or foe. > > Friends would pronounce it something like /shibboleth/ > and foes /sibbolet/. A very interesting aside.
I've mentioned this before, but I'll mention it again. Here's an interesting page[1] on the topic of Shibbolethisation. Even if the process itself turns out to be nothing but rubbish, it's useful from a conlanging and conculturing point of view. K. [1]