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A Carraxan folk tale

From:Adam Walker <carrajena@...>
Date:Friday, May 27, 2005, 16:41
Below is a link to my first completed, original work
in Carrajena.  It is a folk tale that involves some of
the holiday customs of Carraxa.  Knowing all the
customs involved in the various days of the Easter
celebrations adds a bit to the ending, but it isn't
directly stated in the tale as told.

As how here it is presented in a side-by-side with a
loose English translation on the right and the C-a
original on the left:

This link will likely change in a few days when I make
it reachable form the main pages.


Jin nifalud fistus todus idavi eseud adimpuudu ul isu fi aved niminchunadu pera ul
Dju peu'l medju djul provedu cumvi dichid: «Iñi! Cunchepijid ed nadajid il
virdjini ad junu huiju, ed cuamajuns ad si il Emanueli fi sñivigad ul Dju simu

Machu 1:22-23