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Re: Somewhen (was: Disambiguating polysemy)

From:Roger Mills <rfmilly@...>
Date:Tuesday, November 23, 2004, 23:46
John Cowan wrote:
> Ray Brown scripsit: > > > Darn mailers! Why can't all replies go automatically to the list? It's > > very frustrating. > > The short answer: because it's better to mail privately when you think you > are posting to the list, than to post to the list when you think you are > mailing privately. And if the listowner gets bitten by this from time to > time, you can bet the users do too. > > The long answer: .
Moi, moi? send a private msg. to the list??? _I_'ve never done that............. Just experimented with the "group reply" to one of our Gmail people. It appears to work. Imagine that. I knew it had to be used with the Relay list, and with the AN-List; I suppose we could retrain ourselves to use it here. But would it mean we'd then get two copies of a message, one from the replier, one from the list? Don't need no more stinkin msgs. in my inbox :-(((( It's bad enough when MSN occasionally burps and send duplicates; my old dial-up did it quite frequently.