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Re: New Language and a Game

From:Ed Heil <edheil@...>
Date:Tuesday, January 25, 2000, 0:10
I'm guessing that Glosa has reared its head in this language. :)

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Patrick Dunn wrote:

> I've been screwing around creating an artlang (maybe an auxlang?) for > purposes of magic. It's not very sophisticated -- minimal phonetic > changes, Latin orthography, and a pick-and-choose grammar -- but I'm > really enjoying it. Here's a sample: > > et-at ejo invoc, o emad agorto: > et-at, cod'av bar et-a-aret et-a-smai-ce. > et-at, cod'av bar et-a-jo et-a-dosig-ce > et-at, cod'av bar et-a-umbra et-a-or-ce > At e Osorronophris, et-cod nulo hom'av ne-vide la nulo tempo. > At e Iabas > At e Iabos > At'av disinju et-a-balta et-a-agbalta-ce. > At'av bar et-a-masculo et-a-feminjo-ce. > At'av bar et-a-seme et-a-pomo-ce. > At'av bar et-homi la-ta-ehef et-aljaljo va la-ta-odis et-aljaljo. > > Translation: > > Thee, I invoke, the bornless spirit > thee, that didst create the earth and the heavens. > Thee, that didst create the day and the night. > Thee, that didst create the darkness and the light. > Thou art Osorronophris, whom no man has seen at any time. > Thou art Iabas > Thou art Iapos. > Though hast distinguished between the just and the unjust. > Though has created the male and the female. > Thou has created the seed and the fruit. > Thou hast created men to love one another, and to hate one another. > > > This language is made from smashing without rhyme or reason four different > languages. Can you identify all four? That's the game I'm proposing. I > think three of them will be easy -- the fourth might be tricky. > > --Patrick