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CHAT: Suggestions for virtual web host for

From:Jay Bowks <jjbowks@...>
Date:Monday, November 22, 1999, 4:19
Jeff, try Cybercities. com
No adds and 25Mb of free space
no hassles, and FTP ready.
They'll host a domain name also for free,
or if you'd rather try it out first
you can get a re-directer at and get
an address like

You can get a re-directer for each of your
Jay B.


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From: Jeffrey Henning <Jeffrey@...>
To: Multiple recipients of list CONLANG <CONLANG@...>
Sent: Saturday, November 20, 1999 11:13 PM
Subject: CHAT: Suggestions for virtual web host for

>I haven't updated in months because THE SITE IS BROKEN! When >my virtual web hosting provider upgraded to FrontPage 2000 Server >Extensions, it broke my FTP access, which they have not been able to
>in months of badgering them, and they are not transferring my domain to a >UNIX server from the the cursed Windows NT server despite repeated >badgering. > >After receiving another clueless message from my provider today, I realized >I can't take it anymore and I must switch the domain to some other company. >The guilty party is, and I am looking for suggestions on who >else to use. I had a good rate, $16.95/month. I just looked at two other >providers, and, but both wanted $24.95/month and a >$50 setup fee. I don't want to go to a free provider like, >since they run ads on the site. So, if you have any suggestions for >affordable and reliable web hosting providers, I'd love to hear it. > >Given the volume of e-mail on this list, just reply privately to >; I'll post a summary of the suggestions I receive back >to the list. > >Best regards, > >Jeffrey Henning > - Invent Your Own Language > - Win $100 in the DublexGame >contest! > >"If Bill Gates had a nickel for every time Windows crashed.... Oh, wait,
>does!" >