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self designations - Druni

From:Jim Hopkins <espero9@...>
Date:Saturday, May 19, 2001, 12:32
The Druni use the following self designations:

Druntan - inhabitant of Drun, i. e. in English "a Druni"

Druntanor - male Druni
Druntanel - female Druni

All three above are accented on the last syllable,

The Druni have a myth that they originated in the Sky and were originally
called Itlantanu.  They then descended onto a "purple planet" literally in
their language: "drunit bredi".  So "drunit" originally meant "purple" but
eventually "Drun" became the name of the planet, "Drunit" became the
adjectival form of the word and the above self designations came into use.

Itlan, Itlantan, Itlantanor, and Itlantanel are no longer in use although
there is a movement to restore the old names.

At any rate the myth goes on to say that the "Itlantanu" descended to a place
called "Gimla Zarideyna" meaning "the Valley of Life" although some say this
is a corruption of the words "Gimla Zaradena" meaning "the Valley of
Difficulty" since life there was in the beginning quite hard.


Drun (DROON)
Drunit (DROO-neet)
Druntan (droon-TAHN)
Druntanor (droon-tah-NOHR)
Druntanel (droon-tah-NEHL)
Itlan (EET-lahn)
Itlanit (eet-LAH-neet)
Itlantan (eet-lahn-TAHN)
Itlantanor (eet-lahn-tah-NOHR)
Itlantanel (eet-lahn-tah-NEHL)
Itlantanu (eet-lahn-tah-NOO)

and finally the plural of Druni is:

Drunatanu (droon-tah-NOO)

Jim H.