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the interesting language

From:Jonathan Chang <zhang2323@...>
Date:Thursday, May 11, 2000, 20:49
    The language is Fa d'Ambu - a West African Portuguese-lexifier creole,
spoken & not yet written on the island of Annobo'n.

>se amu sxa ma xa mavida-syi
CONJ 1stPP TMA take FOC suffering-DEM and I suffered so much
>se... amu tyila poxodulu
until 1stPP turn adult until I grew up
>amu ga geza ku panu amu ga skuela ku panu
1stPP TMA church with rag 1stPP TMA school with rag I went to church in rags, I went to school in rags
>na sa mavida-syi-f
NEG COPULA suffering-DEM-NEG it was a real hard life
>xadyi no xata-e sa xa tudyia.
house 1stPLU live-ADV COPULA (some)thing old the house that we live in is very old
>a ska fe wan xadyi da na-namay.
3GEN TMA make ART house give ART-family they were building a house for the family TMA => Tense/Mood/Aspect marker, or particle the word compound for car is _xa-xole-san_ (literally "thing-run-ground") interesting language