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From:Nik Taylor <fortytwo@...>
Date:Tuesday, September 28, 1999, 1:11
In Watakass=ED, the alphabetical order, with names, is:
K - ka'i
() - ka'idi (silent letter, used mainly to start vowel-initial words,
originally h)
I - ki
M - mavdu'
L - Lu'li
P - Pazgu'
F - Pazgu'di
N - Ningu'
K - Wi'n
T - Ta'mi
S - Ta'midi
I - Yi'fti
B - Bi'ddi
U - Wa'zi
U - Wi'bbi
A - Ka'sku
D - Di'n
Z - Di'ndi
G - Guti'

Notice the ending -di on fricatives, this indicates a mark - a small dot
- added to a stop to make a fricative.  The two k's (kai and wi'n)
originally indicated, respectively, /k/ and /q/, but are now
interchangable, the two i's and u's (ki and yi'fti; wa'zi and wi'bbi)
originally were /e/, /i/, and /o/, /u/, and are used interchangeably.=20
The old schwa has been dropped, but was called ka'skudi (same mark was
used to make schwa out of /a/ as to make fricatives from stops)

The order goes back to the original form, the letters were divided by
"complexity", the letters requiring the fewest strokes went first,
variants following.  This is still fairly clear now, going in order one
does see a general trend toward complexity (altho gut=ED now breaks the
trend - it's a simple circle).

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