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graser (wasRe: I need advice)

From:J Y S Czhang <czhang23@...>
Date:Thursday, June 5, 2003, 10:04
In a message dated 2003:06:04 03:52:47 PM, Robert Wilson
(han_solo55@JUNO.COM) writes:

>On Wed, 4 Jun 2003 13:23:50 +0200 Andreas Johansson <andjo@...> >writes: > >> How annoying it is to see a list like this, and find that there is >> exactly _one_ term one does not understand! Aak! What is a "graser"? > >i'd guess it's like a laser but with gamma rays... which reminds me of >a project that i started but never finished - building one... maybe i still >have those notes around here somewhere...
>vkky vnkynvj vknyknj ykkv knvy? karkalone kontoko? kinsi rorotan kinsa >nadas? baitta ke farzaiyai? qxrracc pqqattiircx iia kxqqhwiiallccre? >spreken u viserdya? pake biru ka pa rede?
Robert Wilson: lingua-mangler _and_ mad scientist ;) Some day I want to create a portable music instrument that goes as low as the useable, non-lethal/non-injurious infrasonic range (about 20 Hz)... The lowest notes on pipe organs and Tibetan horns reach that low, but they are not exactly portable. Perhaps a custom electronic device of some sort (a la the Dutch _kraakdoos_ synthesizer which is controlled by body contact/electromagnetic bio-resistances rather than the conventional and all-too-common 7-&-5 keyboard). --- Hanuman Zhang (aka "Z"), linguamangler & musical mad scientist WOG (Wiley Oriental Gentleman ;) Avatar of Sun WuKong, a.k.a _Ma-Lau_ ("Monkey") a.k.a. "TricksterGod of the Glorious Anti-Imperialist Chinese Boxers"; ¡¡¡ TricksterShapeShifterIncarnate !!! <= thee prIs ov X.iztenz iz aetern'l warfaer 'N' kreativ playf'llnizz... => => om hung hanumatay rudratmakai hung phat <= mantra to Hanuman the Hindu Monkey TricksterGod
>Finally a religious statement I can agree with: > >the Zoroastrian teaching that it is a sin for a person to be boring.
"Life is all a great joke, but only the brave ever get the point." - Kenneth Rexroth googolgigglabyte goegolgiechelbijt - of - met een vette megagrijns GoogolGekicherByte googolrisibyte ===> el byte de la risita de googol googolrisadinhabyte ===> o byte de risadinha de googol googolspassoctet guugoIllolbijt gugolhihibajt gugolngisibayt okukolkikikol egúgelegigalibaith kiletstroknolyadgigabaiti cimacimakekehapi baitakhakhweifayatrauni ufi'auayinisuguguluarkhar pokatra oemadroabhethetre inarevuta yhiyhayhake nawyo va'i utne tuktukt'ishushukuko`g tuk go`go`o`gwgaga