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Re: [conculture] Con-Flags

From:Dan Jones <yl-ruil@...>
Date:Saturday, June 24, 2000, 13:03
The Carastan enblem was a stylised golden phoenmix on a white background
(stylised so that it looked circular). This gave the modern Carashan
Federation's flag- a golden disc on a white background.

Each state of the federation has it's own flag of course, Carasha-city's one
is a golden crescent on a purple background, the cresecent is open to the
top, so it looks like U rather than C. This is from mediaeval times, when
the city was saved from attack from the southern barbarians. They saw the
reflection of the moon on the sea and thought it was a god protecting the
city, and they fled. The background of the flag used to be blue to reflect
this, but it was changed to the imperial purple after the inception of the

Peusoda's flag has a blue stipe covering the top third, a white stripe in
the middle third and a green stripe in the middle third, with the king's
coat of arms in the centre, which shows a great brown bear rampant with
broken chains round its feet, one forepaw holds a red rose (the symbol of
the old Duchy of Espejo) and the other holds a fish (symbol of the old Duchy
of Avernes - Avernes and Espejo were united in 1900 HR, c. 1200 CE to form
the principality of Peusoda)

Hinnasha's flag is black with white writing in the Hinnashan script in the
middle. I haven't decided on the text, but it's probably something dogmatic.
All I know is that it looks like the flag of Saudi Arabia but with a black
background and no sword.

Vyadama's flag is light blue with seven golden stars arranged in a
semicircle with the open end pointing up. The seven stars represent the
seven cities of the Kansu.

Géredou's flag is dark blue, with a white stylised lily flower in the middle
(any resemblence to any former flag of France is entirely coincidental ;D )

I haven't thought about Corfe's flag yet. It will come to me soon...

Lo deu nu preca êl'aisún necoui.  God prays at noone's altar.

Dan Jones: