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phonaesthetics & JRRT (was: Fave Conlangs + The beautifulest

From:Talpas Tim <tim@...>
Date:Wednesday, March 27, 2002, 15:46
# Raymond Brown wrote:
# >  I understand retroflex do occur in the Scandinavian
# >langs, but they not exactly well known outside that area.
# They do occur phonetically, but are usually phonemically interpreted as
# /r/+dental. Execpt, of course, /r/ itself, which in many (most, I think)
# 'lects realized as a retroflex trill, fricative, or approximant (uvular
# variants are common in southern Scandinavia).
# >And where, pray,
# >do clicks and voiceless nasals figure in these languages?
# Icelandic has voiceless nasals, IIRC.

It seems to me so, but similar to /r/+dental you described above being
realized as retroflex, I think voiceless nasals in Icelandic arise from
nasal + unvoiced consonant, such as /mp/ and /nt/ and /nk/ sequences.
Also I think in words like "nafn" (name) and "vatn" (water), where the nasal
occurs word finally after a voiceless consonant.