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Re: OT: Quoting (was: abugida vs abjad vs alphabet vs syllabary)

From:Tim May <butsuri@...>
Date:Sunday, May 26, 2002, 17:12
Pavel Iosad writes:
 > Hello,
 > Lars wrote :-P
 > > On the subject of quoting: Deleting the names of other posters doesn't
 > > help either.
 > Help to do what? Think I want to hide something from everyone? I assure
 > you I'm not :-)
 > I'm just to lazy too copy the names of the posters (I _do_ that from
 > time to time, and the program won't do it for me) But I very very seldom
 > mix to whom I'm talking, really :-)
 > Look, I'm sorry :-)
I'm sure we all understand.  May I ask what your mail client is?  There
are certain utilities which can help with this kind of thing.  Of
course, if it's some kind of webmail there's little that can be done.