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SV: Re: Wordless language (WAS: NonVerbal Conlang?)

From:Kalle Bergman <seppu_kong@...>
Date:Sunday, July 2, 2006, 15:48

> Yes, of course - I had forgotten about sign > languages. Sorry. > AFAIK most (all?) are natlangs
They most certainly are.
> > Do Sign Languages constist of phones? > > Are Sign Languages natlangs? > > They won't consist of phones - but signs languages > are not things I'm > familiar with. I do not know how they are analyzed.
When discussing sign languages, the terms "phone" and "phoneme" are used, although they - of course - don't refer to anything sound-related, but rather to different ways to align ones fingers, to move ones hands and to place one hands in space. On the topic of sign languages: For a non-technical description of sign language in general and its history in particular, I can strongly recommend the book "Seeing Voices" by Oliver Sacks. /Kalle B