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PC thuggery :) Herstory/History

From:list James E. Hopkins <espero9@...>
Date:Saturday, December 26, 1998, 16:33
Play on words or not, I think it is self eveident that in general the dominant
group (the winner) writes the "official" version of what went on....and that
DOES radically change the perspective of the society, vis-a-vis its "history".

It would be interesting to see oppressed groups write the Story and see how
differently the same events are viewed by those not in a position to impose
their views.

Commonly held "history" among women, African-Americans, and American Indians
differs greatly from what we learn here (USA) in school.

We need more balance and an unfettered search for the truth as far as we can
obtain it. Then we must train ourselves not to fear this truth and instead
fearlessly learn from it.

It would be really liberating for all of us...

And yes, this has everything to do with language.

Jim H
ta Druntan