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Re: (OT) Music

From:Gustavo Eulalio <guga@...>
Date:Monday, June 10, 2002, 13:58
Em Mon, 10 Jun 2002 11:51:50 +0100, Keith Gaughan <kgaughan@...> escreveu:

> Music = mathematics in so far as i) every musical sound except > white noise fits more or less into a mathematical function and > ii) music is built up from patterns, mathematical patterns, > overlayed and interweaved with one another.
You guys really need to read "Gödel Escher Bach", by Douglas Hofstadter. (ö = ¨+o) -- Gustavo Eulalio <guga@...> Mestrado em Informática Departamento de Sistemas e Computação - DSC Universidade Federal da Paraíba - UFPB "To define recursion, we must first define recursion.", anonymous