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Jap/Ger merger? (was Basic vocab)

From:Yoon Ha Lee <yl112@...>
Date:Saturday, September 16, 2000, 14:31
On Sat, 16 Sep 2000, The Gray Wizard wrote:

> > From: [] > > > > > > From: Yoon Ha Lee > > > > > > > > I someday have to figure out how to merge German and > > > > Japanese. It'd be a > > > > fun exercise, but I don't know nearly enough about either language! > > > > > > > On Sat, 16 Sep 2000, The Gray Wizard wrote: > > > > > > These are two of my favorites as well. I once experimented with mixing > > > German lexis with Japanese syntax and then the reverse. Never > > > got really > > > far with either, but it might be fun to revive the effort. > > > > I will work on it as my knowledge of both increases, but it may take a > > while! Do you think German lexis with Japanese syntax or v.v. would be > > more fun and/or feasible? I'm thinking German lexis with Japanese > > syntax--have fun confusing the German readers. ;-) > > I think both are feasible, but it was my experience that both produce rather > strange results, at least to anyone familiar with either language and > perhaps even more so to one familiar with both.
I can imagine--since I do know Korean and the grammatical structure at least looks bloody similar, doing German lexis with Korean syntax would look very strange indeed. I wouldn't know how to do away with cases and replace with particles/postpositions, or insert case into Japanese words. I wouldn't mind strange results--the thing that first got me thinking about this was a sf story that I started, realized I needed to know more about the languages involved, and shelved for the time being. A friend trained in folklore told me that the Germans and Japanese have done a lot of shared-language studies, whatever that means, but when I asked for details he never replied. :-/ YHL