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Re: Phonemic vocalic length in PU/PFU (was Re: Questions about Hungarian)

From:Tamás Racskó <tracsko@...>
Date:Thursday, May 27, 2004, 8:56
I've missed this posting:

On 18 May 2004 Paul Bennett <paul-bennett@NC...> wrote:

>> There was a thread about Finno-Ugric numerals '8' and '9'. For >> this reason, I've translated my comparative charts on the Uralic >> numerals into English. It can be downloaded from >> <> > > You didn't embed the fonts used into the PDF. > I'm getting $, #, %, {double-!} and others where I assume phonetic > symbols belong.
I think these fonts are the default Unicode fonts of my op- system. I'm not able force (or even check) their embedding in PDF, thus I decided to use graphic representation instead of font embedding. You can found this new version at <>. I hope this will be readable for you.