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Re: CHAT: Humor, inter alia

From:Tom Wier <artabanos@...>
Date:Tuesday, March 9, 1999, 16:20
Josh Brandt-Young wrote:

> >I think I've read somewhere, though, that [b] and [g] occur > >allophonicly. > >FWIW. > > My fairly in-depth studies of Finnish have never revealed the presence of > [b] or [g] in *any* circumstances whatsoever in native words.
Sounds good, but I'm going to go check my sources and get back to you if I find anything to the contrary.
> This would, then, seem to be a language with three > phonemic nasals [m] [n] [N] and *no* voiced oral stops. > > Pretty odd.
Yep. This I suspect would be one of those unusual languages on one of the extremes of the bellcurve that I alluded to in another post. ======================================================= Tom Wier <artabanos@...> ICQ#: 4315704 AIM: Deuterotom Website: <> "Cogito ergo sum, sed credo ergo ero." There's nothing particularly wrong with the proletariat. It's the hamburgers of the proletariat that I have a problem with. - Alfred Wallace ========================================================