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Re: Spring conlang relay invitation

From:Adam Walker <carrajena@...>
Date:Wednesday, February 4, 2004, 3:13
Well, I never unsubbed from the last relay, so I
should be set to go.  I want in with Carrajena.


--- Amanda Babcock <ababcock@...> wrote:
> Well, it's about time again, and in accordance with > the old maxim "if > you want something done, do it yourself", I would > like to propose the > next Conlang Relay. > > I have a short text written up for the relay, and > web space to put up > the results. I will commit to seeing it all the way > through and not > drop off the face of the earth as it nears > completion ;) > > Coordination of the relay will take place on the > list, > and anyone reading this from Conlang who wants to be > in the relay is > advised to join it (go to > to > join). > > We will begin in 2-3 weeks - 2 if everybody is on > board and I'm not > still receiving stray requests at that time, 3 > otherwise. There will > be two rings if more than 20 people sign up, but > only one text unless > there is significant demand from people who want to > use one language > in one ring and another in the other ring. > > Anyone interested in participating, please email me > at > or, or post on > > Thanks, > Amanda
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