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Re: This is not a conlang.

From:Geoff Horswood <geoffhorswood@...>
Date:Wednesday, November 24, 2004, 18:40
>I once knew a man (he was actually a minister) who said that although >he *did* speak in tongues, the idea of it didn't appeal to him, >because he was a logical sort of person to whom speaking in tongues >didn't make much sense as a concept. For this reason, he had actually >prayed more than once that God would *take away* the gift that he >didn't want, and every time he prayed this, he found that instead of >being removed altogether, the "language" of his tongues would be >replaced by a different "language" with a completely different >phonology! >
I guess I can relate to that :S I worship at the sort of church that does the whole "speaking in tongues" thing. There's a whole bunch of things that bother *me* about it, and I do it myself! One of the things that bothers me on the way some people "speak in tongues" is the way it seems to be just a jumble of the same 3-5 syllables over and over again. "Glossolalia baby talk" is how I sometimes think of it :)! Usage-wise in my church, there are two different "kinds" of speaking in tongues. There's the general stuff where a variety of people spontaneously erupt in a tongue, as an expression of deep worship to God. This sort of matches your "nonsense syllables dedicated to God as a kind of art form", I guess. Then there's the form of speaking where one speaker brings a message in a tongue, and someone else translates. It bothers my logical mind, but I can put up with it. Lots of things don't make a whole lot of sense to me sometimes. Subjectively speaking, as one who speaks in tongues *and* is able to generate random gibberish, I find that the "feel" of it is quite different. I can almost always tell when I'm speaking a tongue and when I'm just making it up. The phonology is not always all that different (though it sometimes is), but the feel most definitely is. On a lighter note, one of the other things that bothers me about the whole "tongues" thing is how you never hear anyone make an error and correct themself ;)!! G