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Script for Oondenvel

From:Andy Smith <andybrucesmith@...>
Date:Thursday, August 7, 2003, 1:23
Hi All,

     I made a script, called, to help translate words from Oondenvel
to English.
     For anyone who's interested, I've put it up at <a
href="">doneasy</a>. The username
is AndyTheAnt and the password is oondenvel.
Here’s an example of the output:
> python Jïentrálen
Jïentrálen (Animate, Noun (1st)) (Direct-object case, Ordinary cast) --------------------------------------------------------------------- Jïen ---- Jï (Feminine, Adjective (2nd)) + en (Positive degree, First position) Form of: "Inner part, interior, area deep within (as inner cast noun suffix)" / Jin (Feminine, Adjective (1st)) Trálen ------ Trál (Animate, Noun (1st)) + en (Positive, Plural) Form of: "Person, sentient creature (human, elf, etc.)" / Trál (Animate, Noun (1st)) </pre></tt>