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Re: OT: Mail problerms (Was: Re: time distinctions)

From:David G. Durand <david@...>
Date:Thursday, August 31, 2000, 14:49
The following exchange reminds me that it's time once again to
explain how the reply feature is set up to work on the CONLANG and
AUXLANG lists.

The list software is configured to set the "reply-to:" mail header,
so that almost all mail software will automatically direct replies to
list mail directly to the list. However, because some people need to
explicitly set their reply-to headers because of their mailer
software, the list will preserve any Reply-to: headers that it sees.
If it did not, there would be no way to find a correct direct reply
address for those people who need to use a reply-to.

What this means is that if you notice that many people are replying
directly to your postings, rather than sending replies to the mailing
list, then it may mean that your own reply-to field is set.

Not everyone has control over this, as some mail servers may set the
reply-to field automatically.

The end result is that you must check the reply address generated by
your mail software, in case there are problems.

   -- David

At 6:18 PM -0400 8/30/00, The Gray Wizard wrote:
> > From: H. S. Teoh >> >> On Wed, Aug 30, 2000 at 03:51:53PM -0400, The Gray Wizard wrote: >> > Tim, >> > >> > I'm responding on-list under the assumption that you mistakenly >> addressed >> > your reply to me only. This has been happening a lot lately. >> I have not >> > changed my email settings and although I subscribe to about 20 different >> > elists, it only seems to occur on this one. ??? >> [snip] >> >> I believe this problem is caused by the presence of the "Reply-to:" field >> in your mail messages. I'm not sure which mailer you're using... try >> looking at the settings and finding out why there's a "Reply-to:" field. >> That might solve the problem. > >Hmmm. I use MS Outlook 2000. A quick look through the options revealed >nothing related to a Reply-To filed nor did the help file turn up anything. >There is a "Have replies sent to.." option, in the message options, but it >is unchecked. Any Outlook users out there have a clue? > >David > >David E. Bell >The Gray Wizard > > > >"Wisdom begins in wonder." - Socrates
-- ------------------------------- David Durand Chief Technical Officer Dynamic Diagrams