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Re: CHAT: Weird Seasons was The English/French counting system

From:Costentin Cornomorus <elemtilas@...>
Date:Thursday, September 18, 2003, 22:18
--- Nik Taylor <yonjuuni@...> wrote:
> Costentin Cornomorus wrote: > > Not weird at all. They're just doing - > apparently > > officially - what many Americans do > naturally. > > That is, count 1 September as the first day > of a > > new season, be it Fall(N) or Spring(S). > > What I meant was that I found it odd that they > gave a *different* date > for the start of autumn (northern hemisphere) > than start of spring > (southern hemisphere).
It just shows they're more aware of how the rest of the world does things. We're the USA - we don't háve to know how everyone else does things; let alone bother to put it on a calendar! ;)
> Logically, whatever date you choose, the start > of northern autumn should be the same as the > start of southern spring.
Keep in mind that there's two dating systems here: the US more or less officially follows the astronomical dating that was mentioned - even though most people accept June 1 / September 1 as more logical start dates. Australia simply follows the more logical dating.
> > That seasons start in illogical places in the > > North is what _I_ find weird. And I live > there! > > Any "standard" starting place is arbitrary, > since the seasons begin at > different times of the year as far as weather >
goes. Yeah. Even September 1 is arbitrary! Padraic. ===== - Per y celles né la Reuwla; per y gouergèn, per y gouiuwzes, et per y horfàn - A Ddon ten mezer! -- Come visit The World! -- <> .