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Re: A wacky language

From:J Y S Czhang <czhang23@...>
Date:Saturday, February 21, 2004, 10:19
In a message dated 2004:02:20 10:14:53 AM, estel_telcontar@YAHOO.CA writes:

>> Me, too, Estel (BTW, Estel, I noticed ever since you arrived here
>> on the list that we seem to share a lotta conlang
>> aesthetics/stylistics in common).
>Intresting! Eny specifics you cn think of, aside from the above?
Not off-the-cuff right this nano-sec...
>> Neat-o idea that would reaaaally truly fit in with the worldview
>of my conlang goomeelegoo!!! Though I would prefer usin'/abusin'
>> grammatical particles.
>Hey, d'you hav a website about goomeelegoo enywhere?
No yet. Case o': enuff said, never enuff ever done...and: "You know, you haven't stopped talking since I came here. You must have been vaccinated with a phonograph needle." - Rufus T. Firefly (Groucho Marx)
>[snip neat voice + Dune stuf... my brother'z reading that book... I
>shoud too.]
>> Googolplex thanx for such entertaining ideas, all uber
>> komraden (Entschuldigen Sie mein schlechtes Xeno-Deutsch).
>Very welcom. (Und alle slechte Deutch ist entsculdigt. Ich spreche
>gern Germlish!)
>-dein Mit-conlanger, Estel
>I'm revolting agenst standerd Inglish spelling. Odd spellings ar probly
Natchuurealie... --- *DiDJiBuNgA!!* Hang Binary,baby...--- Hanuman "Stitch" Zhang, ManglaLanger (mangle + manga + lang) Language[s] change[s]: vowels shift, phonologies crash-&-burn, grammars leak, morpho-syntactics implode, lexico-semantics mutate, lexicons explode, orthographies reform, typographies blip-&-beep, slang flashes, stylistics warp... linguistic (R)evolutions mark each-&-every quantum leap... ...languages are "naturally evolved wild systems... So language does not impose order on a chaotic universe, but reflects its own wildness back." - Gary Snyder "Some Languages Are Crushed to Powder but Rise Again as New Ones" - a chapter on pidgins & creoles, John McWhorter, _The Power of Babel: A Natural History of Language_ = ¡ gw'araa legooset caacaa ! ¡ reez'arvaa. saalvaa. reecue. scoopaa-goomee en reezijcloo ! = [Fight Linguistic Waste! Save, Salvage, Recover, Scavenge and Recycle!]